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Our service store has two kinds of freelancer accounts individual and the agency. Individual freelancers work singly and directly with their guests.
For the most part, work that can be finished off-point should probably be possible by freelancers and agencies. This incorporates one-off assignments like planning infographics, just as additional intricate undertakings, like running showcasing efforts. However, you may want to consider hiring an agency, or multiple freelancers. If you bear further than one person to complete your Project.

Working with a Freelancer:
When you enlist an individual freelancer, you’ll for the most part discuss straightforwardly with the consultant plan. What’s more, the freelancer sets the rate and your payments go straightforwardly to the consultant.

❝Working Plan lists❞

Email Marketing
Email Collection
Email template
Business Mail
Affiliate marketing

Product Entry
eBay listing

SEO Competitor analysis
Research competitor website
Tools for Competitor analysis
Competitor Backlinks analysis
Making a decision from analysis
Keyword Research
Article Posting
Map Adding

Account Create
KYC verify
Link Adding

Lead Generation
Microsoft Excel Sheet and Google Sheet guideline
Data entry processing guideline
Web research
Internet Research for data
Practical data entry

Email finding Tools
Email verification methods
Data scraping and tools used

Facebook Marketing
Introduction of Facebook marketing
Facebook Group Marketing
Facebook fan page customization
Facebook page for Local Business
Facebook Marketing Strategies for the Fan page
Facebook Business Manager creation
Engagement post Creation
Facebook Ads setup and Promotion
Facebook Event Creation/Marketing

YouTube Marketing
YouTube channel creation and optimization
Tips to Create Great content and video
Quick and effective tips for video optimization
Keyword Research and Competitor analysis
YouTube Competitor analysis
Top niche ideas for YouTube Marketing
YouTube Monetization

Twitter Marketing
Twitter marketing Guideline
Twitter Account management
Twitter Hashtags Research
Twitter Widget Embed
Twitter Follower Increase Strategies
Traffic Generator in Twitter
Twitter Analysis

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest business Account Creation
Pinterest Account management
How to Get More Follower?
How to Drive Traffic to your website with Pinterest?
Pinterest Analysis

LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing Anatomy
Adding your business your LinkedIn
LinkedIn company page optimization
LinkedIn Company Ranking

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing Anatomy
Instagram business Account Create
Instagram Hashtags Research secret
Promoting Business on Instagram

Report Writing
Research Writing
Article Writing
Content Writing
Copy Typing



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